Back & Neck Pain

Lower back pain is a growing epidemic in this country. It is estimated that it disables seven million Americans each year.

Chronic Pain

Body Elite Physical Therapy works with patients to reduce chronic pain. We offer various treatments, including dry needling, massage, and more.

Strains & Sprains

Severe sprains and strains can put a damper on enjoying everyday tasks. Our therapists have training in treating ankles, wrists, and other common sprains to reduce pain and promote healing.

Massage Therapy to Restore Physical and Mental Balance in Winchester, VA

Body Elite Physical Therapy Offers Massage Therapy

Body Elite Physical Therapy in Winchester, VA, offers massage therapy to treat both physical and mental conditions. Those feeling tired, overwhelmed, or stressed because of illness, work, or other life changes, call Body Elite today. We will listen to your concerns, pinpoint areas of pain or tension, and develop a treatment plan that works best for you. Massage can benefit the following aches and chronic pains:

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Women’s Health Issues

Much More!

Call Body Elite Physical Therapy in Winchester, VA, at (540) 535-7222 or contact us online to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our massage therapy. We are available to patients throughout Winchester, VA; Stephens City, VA; Berryville, VA; and the surrounding areas.

What to Expect During a Massage Therapy Session

A client can choose to remove clothing or to remain fully dressed. During the session, only the area that is being worked on will be exposed. A variety of techniques will be used. It will depend on an individual’s needs and concerns. These include, but are not limited to: soft tissue and energy modalities, stretching, tapping, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and verbal communication. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Physical
and Mental Conditions

There are many physical and mental benefits that come with massage therapy, including:


Provides relaxation & stress reduction

Relieves muscle tension & stiffness

Increases joint flexibility & range of motion

Enhance athletic performance

Promotes deeper & easier breathing

Improves circulation of blood/lymph fluid

Assists in the removal of metabolic waste

Reduces blood pressure

Relieves tension, eye strain & headaches

Decreases recovery time from pulled muscles, sprained ligaments, & other injuries

Reduces formation of excessive scar tissue

Strengthens immune system

Mental & Emotional

Provides relaxed state of being

Reduces mental stress by relaxing the mind

Improves body awareness

Enhances capacity for thinking & creativity

Provides a safe, caring touch

Creates a feeling of well-being

Enhances self-image

Reduces levels of anxiety

Assists us in approaching our emotional stress in a more balanced & peaceful state of mind

Provides a sense of harmony & balance