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Back & Neck Pain

Lower back pain is a growing epidemic in this country. It is estimated that it disables seven million Americans each year.

Chronic Pain

Body Elite Physical Therapy works with patients to reduce chronic pain. We offer various treatments, including dry needling, massage, and more.

Strains & Sprains

Severe sprains and strains can put a damper on enjoying everyday tasks. Our therapists have training in treating ankles, wrists, and other common sprains to reduce pain and promote healing.

Individualized Physical Therapy Treatment in Winchester, VA

“So You Can B.E. You Again”

Body Elite Physical Therapy Gets to Know Our Patients

Are you frustrated with feeling like just another number when you travel for medical care? If so, then you owe it to yourself to experience physical therapy as practiced here at Body Elite Physical Therapy.

At Body Elite, you will enjoy true individualized one-on-one treatment with your own physical therapist for the entire one-hour session. From your first session until your last, you and your physical therapist form a team – a team with just one goal: to work with you so that you can live life well. If you are ready to reduce chronic pain, call Body Elite Physical Therapy today at (540) 535-7222 or contact us online.

Increase Quality of Life by Treating Chronic Pain

Body Elite Physical Therapy was formed with one goal in mind – “to give quality one-on-one treatment to people with orthopedic problems, including upper and lower back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, women’s health issues, and more. We specialize in treating chronic pain, promoting women’s health, and relieving spine disorders, including spinal stenosis.” We are proud to have helped many who have come our way to break the cycle of pain and learn to take control of their lives once more. We hope you will choose Body Elite Physical Therapy for your treatment center. Come in and experience the difference.

We Believe in the Saying: Move well. Live well. Stay well.

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Promoting Women’s Health in Winchester, VA, and Beyond

Women’s health is one area where the Body Elite physical therapists shine. We work closely with prenatal and postpartum women to ensure that they stay and return to their best health possible. Call us today to learn more about our various therapies and how to start.

Body Elite Physical Therapy Wellness Center Services

Body Elite Physical Therapy in Winchester, VA, offers Massage, Quigong, and CranioSacral therapies that ease the body and the mind. Join us for Pilates and further improve stability and more with our BioDensity™ and Power Plate® services. Our massage treatments range from soft tissue and energy modalities, tapping, trigger point therapy, verbal communication, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our Wellness Center services. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our wide variety of treatments.