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Back & Neck Pain

Lower back pain is a growing epidemic in this country. It is estimated that it disables seven million Americans each year.

Chronic Pain

Body Elite Physical Therapy works with patients to reduce chronic pain. We offer various treatments, including dry needling, massage, and more.

Strains & Sprains

Severe sprains and strains can put a damper on enjoying everyday tasks. Our therapists have training in treating ankles, wrists, and other common sprains to reduce pain and promote healing.

Treat Headaches with Physical Therapy
Near Berryville, VA

Body Elite Physical Therapy Treats Chronic Headaches

Headaches can put a stop to your life depending on the severity and how often you get them. If you suffer from headaches in Berryville, VA, or the surrounding areas, call on Body Elite Physical Therapy. We offer a variety of physical therapy and massage options to address stress, tension, and other pains that can be associated with headaches. Located in Winchester, VA, we work with patients throughout Northern VA to treat headaches and get your life back to normal. Call us today at (540) 535-7222 to learn more about our treatment options.

Massage Therapy to Reduce Headaches for
Berryville-Area Patients

At Body Elite, we offer multiple treatments to treat headaches. One way to help reduce stress and tension is to utilize our massage therapy. By working out stress and tension in the shoulders, neck, and back, and to help calm the mind. Soft tissue massage can also help to work out tension in problem areas and help to reduce headaches. If you are looking for headache relief in Berryville, VA, talk with the friendly staff at Body Elite Physical Therapy. We are happy to discuss treatment options with you and to help you achieve headache free days.

Will Physical Therapy Treat My Headaches and Pain?

Physical therapy treats much more than just injuries and age-related pains. Those who suffer from headaches may find relief in focusing on strengthening your neck and back and bettering your posture. Implementing minor exercise or Pilates can also help to stretch and strengthen your body, along with clearing your mind and helping to reduce stress.

When visiting your new physical therapist at Body Elite, together you will come up with a treatment plan that works best for your abilities. After addressing your pain, you may realize that other problems are causing your headaches. We believe in personalizing treatments because we understand that every patient is different. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.